This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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easter week {thursday}


easter week {wednesday}


Easter Week {tuesday}


easter week {monday}

Hi, Friends! This week will look a little differently at Joy Ever After. I've gathered some poems + quotes in reflection as Easter Sunday approaches. It's almost a mini Advent Calendar of sorts!

I wish you a thoughtful week of pause, and a weekend full of celebration & relaxation. I'll be back next week with recent spring projects. Enjoy your week!!!


notable: little things studio

Occasionally I find myself feeling entitled to various things in life. This quote is a needed reminder of how untrue that really is—we aren't entitled to anything. It's not about what you get but rather what you can give, right?

AND I haven't watched/read Anne of Green Gables since childhood. It may be time to track down this nostalgia. 

Featured Artist: Little Things Studio


notable: dorothy jeanne

It is time to slog through a ton of misc work. Dreading. Avoiding. Would rather be planting in my yard. But getting it out of the way will be GREAT.

Featured Artist: Dorothy Jeanne Goods


notable: seed factory

Love this Irish blessing, and loving the nod to the design brilliance of Mico Toledo.

Very fitting for this week. 

Featured Artist: Seed Factory via Pinterest


notable: wicked paper co

Yep. It sure is. Even if Monday was terrible, today is a new day.

Featured Artist: Wicked Paper Co


notable: say something

The light tints on this dark background really caught my eye then after reading I fell in love with the quote. Life just feels really slow in areas where I WANT to see progress, then flipside, time is speeding by so fast! Does anyone else feel this way? Particuarly with my personal career goals—week after week tick by just keeping up with various client work and life while the work list I want to accomplish is gathering dust.

Nonetheless, slow progress IS progress. I needed this reminder.

Featured Artist: Matt Hunsberger for The Say Something Poster Project (via Pinterest)


notable: letitia buchan

A good quote for this week, don't you think?

Featured Artist: Letitia Buchan (via Pinterest)