This is my humble collection of attempting to live a life full of lovely things. A blog highlighting crafty projects, inspiration, and all things delicate & detailed. To learn more click here.

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Here is a peek of my lovely wedding day! We were married July 20, 2008 in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota. Find more images and details about my incredible wedding day on Style Me Pretty.


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Entries in holiday (104)


patriotic pinwheel diy

Supplies // Paper cut into 2" squares // stir straw // stick pin // star stickers {see fig. 1}

Stick the pin through the center. Cut each corner toward the center, leaving a dime sized amount {see fig. 2}. This should leave you with four triangle shapes. Take one corner of each triangle (be consistent on the right or left side of each triangle) and punch a small hole with the pin. Place the star on the pin and then each of the corner holes {see fig. 3}. Then take the pin and stick through the drinking straw {see fig. 4}. To complete, you could either glue the sharp end to the straw or perhaps take needle-nose pliers and bend a small 90 degree angle.

So there you have fun little drink accents!


patriotic shortcake

Please let me share my hopes and dreams (in the form of styling this photo shoot).

Photo Info > Strawberry shortcake, showcased red white & blue. BTW, this recipe for lemon shortcake is AH-mazing. Pinwheel drink stirrer DIY coming Wednesday.

Rambling > This is what I want to be when I grow up (or do, I suppose). Yes, I just threw this together for no reason other than the fact that someday I want to earn a living styling photos. I love it. SO MUCH. Coming up on six months of having this blog, I hit a small identity crisis of "what I am I doing with my life?" What steps should I take? How do I map this out? What is the means to this end? This blog is a tool, but am I using it the right way? So many questions that will go unanswered. Creative lives have to be individually explored one step at a time—with no instruction manual—and outside the box. If anyone has direction or a word, please drop me a hint. That's all. Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed the fruits of my mini crisis.


patriotic preview

I threw together a fun weekend photo shoot. The rest of the photos showcase Monday. Don't miss it!

Any weekend projects you plan to tackle? Holiday planning perhaps?


we used up all our wrenchs

Last DVD of the series, The Hurt Locker.

Additions // Military helmet; camo bandana; grungy carabiner; flashlight; dog tag with message inscribed.

I hope a few of you enjoyed the series! I've heard some feedback about other tv shows/etc that people are dressing up, so that's exciting. Even more exciting, tomorrow
I move on to something new (these types of projects take up way more time than I intend). Have a great tuesday!


where no man has gone before

Boldy. Of course. Monday is for the trekkies, the DVD Star Trek.

Additions // Yellow felt uniform; with badge; Volcan sign; card. Yep. That's it. This is an example of when you have an *awesome* idea, only later to discover not so easy. You can't use pointy ears and crazy eyebrows as props! And there was no solar system or Enterprise to be found either. Ah well. A for effort.

Tomorrow will be fun though! Explosive even. Tuesday's DVD is The Hurt Locker.


who you gonna call?

The end of the week brings us to the DVD Ghostbusters.

Additions // Industrial backpack; marshmallows; phone cord; and green slime. Don't forgot to add a card that says, "You came, you saw, you kicked…! Happy Father's Day!" The slime is out of control, but super fun.

Wishing you an amazing weekend! Come Monday, an out of this world DVD—Star Trek.


the game's afoot

Thursday's DVD is a mystery.

Additions // Tweed jacket; classic tobacco pipe; magnifying glass; mysteriously small note for Dad's eyes only.

Can't say I don't love the cliche. It's just so much fun to play them up. Prepare to be slimed tomorrow! Yes, it's Ghostbusters day.


au revoir, gopher

The concept for this series is to take a movie and make it a bit more exciting, using presentation. Today is the first DVD, a classic golf spoof—Caddyshack.

Additions // Baby Ruth candy; thrifted golf club; golf tee; stiff felt as turf; and handmade flag card. Had I found a stuffed gopher, that would have been GREAT. Pretty sure the golf tee is my favorite. And now I want excuses to use it on other projects.

Also excited for tomorrow's post, Sherlock Holmes!


upcoming dvd ideas

Need an easy and fast gift idea for a special man in your life? Starting Wednesday, I am doing a series on thoughtful & clever DVD "dress-up" ideas. Sure. A movie is a great gift—but add a few details and WHAM! So much cooler. Below is the popular/classic DVD contestant line up. Perfect for a dad in your life. Guaranteed.

Can't wait to finish up and post 'em!



fresh flora

Enough eggs already! Let's segue to something fresh on this Good Friday:

While today is a reflection of death, it is also symbolic of new life and I wanted something fitting. To create this semi-formal picnic theme I used scrap fabric, red burlap, ribbon and cut one of my pretty ranunculus blooms. The jar is small spice jar, and any table would be amazing with an entire row of these!

So what did you think of the week?! Favorites? Failures? Ideas to make them unique to you? Hopefully I've passed some inspiration along. And I wish you a wonderful, meaningful weekend of food, family, and celebration. Happy Easter!